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Archive for date: August 18, 2021

The Perfect Domain Name for your Website

Perfect domain name Ghana

A domain is, after all, a business’ own piece of Internet real estate. It reflects the brand and can even affect the website’s ultimate findability. Many business owners find themselves in a position to purchase that perfect domain, left to wonder about the value it could bring to the business as a whole … and how much it might cost.In t...

Pillars of Building Instant Trust Online

Building trust online

Without trust, we would be consigned to a world where we examine everyone’s actions with suspicion, and assume they are working only for their own purposes. But because of the sheer number of social interactions we have with complete strangers, we must at least extend some trust on a regular basis. Otherwise, many acts, both small and momentou...

Testing Website Navigation

Website Navigation

Navigation is an essential element of the Web, capable of providing a vastly improved experience for users and influencing several key performance indicators. While it may not be as exciting an element to test as pricing, it does carry a major influence on creating a meaningful interaction for Web users and a profitable one for your Web enterp...

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